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The Shadow World is full of whispers and rumours that Valentine Morgenstern, renegade Shadowhunter, is alive and well. Not only that but speculation is spreading that the cunning Nephilim is searching for one of the most revered treasures of the Shadowhunter world - the Mortal Cup. With it, he could create an army that would make his former Circle look like a group of missionless fanatics.

But the Clave are prepared. For years they have been summoning the second born of Shadowhunter families and training them especially as part of an Anti-Circle organization. If Valentine tries to recruit his old followers again, the Clave will be ready, and this time the Circle would be fighting against their own children....

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 I Came To Win, Kaleb's Shipper // Stitch
Kaleb St. Cloud
 Posted: Mar 6 2018, 05:08 AM

Age // 20

Posts // 0

he his him

Location // New York Institute

Sexuality // heterosexual

Status // single +


“So, what are you? Some kind of witch?”


Stitch +

Kaleb St. Cloud
Name: Kaleb Isaac St. Cloud
Born: July 30, 1996 (20)
Hometown: London Institute
Currently: New York Institute
Occupation: SHADOWHUNTER/Mechanic
Family: Martha St. Cloud (MOTHER) - Logan St. Cloud (FATHER)

About: Kaleb was born and raised in the London Institute; who learned from both his parents, how to be a Shadowhunter. He lived a happy, care-free childhood, until The Uprising. At 9 years old, Kaleb lost both of his parents during the battle for Alicante; leaving him to be raised amongst the other Shadowhunter famlies, as one of their own. During all his time as a student, Kaleb spent countless hours on being just like his parents; not the best when it came to studies (History, and Creature/Demon knowledge), but one of the best fighters of his age.

After years of training with his team, they were given a mission to track down a Demon causing havoc among the Mundanes. In an effort to destroy it without any Mundane casualties, Kaleb planned for them to ambush it from the rooftops. Everything was going according to plan, until they themselves became the hunted. Much to Kaleb's inability to protect everyone at once, his team was slaughtered infront of him; reliving the death of his parents, all over again. This destroyed Kaleb, forcing him so far as to decline every mission he was requested for.

He has been spending the last 3 years helping teach new/promising Shadowhunters in Combat Training; showing them all the moves his mother taught him, when he was about some of their ages. In tht time, he has never taken up the offer to join another team; at least, not until his superious recommended him to the New York Istitute. There, he would not only teach the Shadowhunter students in Combat Training, but also form a new team to be a part of. He has currently only been in New York for 6 months, and is loving every minute of it.



  • compassionate
  • fun-loving
  • loyal
  • kind
  • caring
  • hopeless romantic
  • friendly
  • sarcastic


  • impulsive
  • witty
  • never took anything seriously (working on that)
  • tempestuous
  • unpredictable
  • passionate
  • over protective

Friends: Kaleb can be a really decent guy; at least, once you get through his "bad boy" persona. He wears that as a mask, to hide his inner termoil from his past. Kaleb is very loyal to his friends, and would literally die for them.

Enemies: Kaleb tends to be someone who fights first, and asks questions later. Ever since the loss of his parents (later, his team), Kaleb has really became known as the protector others; specially his friends, and those he feels are being victomized. Kaleb promised himself to never again lose someone, while he has the capabilities to do something about it. Kaleb is a fierce-fighter, that will fight until his very last breath.

Lovers: Kaleb has only ever kissed one girl in Alicante; and really cared for her, although things turned out different. Ever since his last mission, he has lost touch with her. That was 7 years ago...

Since then, he has been in a few relationships; dating Mundanes, Downworlders, and Shadowhunters alike. He really doesn't see bondries as a thing; much to the dismay of those that helped raise him. As long as their personalities and ideals click, they're worthy of his heart.

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