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The Shadow World is full of whispers and rumours that Valentine Morgenstern, renegade Shadowhunter, is alive and well. Not only that but speculation is spreading that the cunning Nephilim is searching for one of the most revered treasures of the Shadowhunter world - the Mortal Cup. With it, he could create an army that would make his former Circle look like a group of missionless fanatics.

But the Clave are prepared. For years they have been summoning the second born of Shadowhunter families and training them especially as part of an Anti-Circle organization. If Valentine tries to recruit his old followers again, the Clave will be ready, and this time the Circle would be fighting against their own children....

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 Tess Rockwell, 23 - Mundane
Tess Rockwell
 Posted: May 16 2018, 10:44 AM

Age // 23

Posts // 0


Location //

Sexuality // Straight

Status // Single +



Crystal + Mountain

Tess Rockwell
June 11th
Phoenix, Arizona
Candice King
With golden blond hair and blue eyes, Tess is the perfect image of a pretty little cheerleader, and she fits the stereotypes quite well. Even at 23-years-old, Tess has very little concept of "responsibility." She's always been daddy's little girl, a spoiled brat from everyone else's perspective. She's usually optimistic and happy, trying to find the good in any situation. She's one of those people who is so upbeat they can get extremely annoying, especially since she rarely stops talking. She loves music, loves to dance and sing more than anything in the world. While for the most part she hates to be alone, Tess does need her downtime.

She jumps from guy to guy, her boyfriends rarely lasting more than a month or two. She also has a tendency to kiss random guys. Because of this, some people are led to believe she's a slut, but Tess is actually a virgin. She believes in love and actually does want to find the right guy. However, in the meantime she's going to have fun.

She favors colorful clothing, either vibrant shades or pastels. Nice shirts with skinny jeans or leggings. Her favorite outfits are sundresses, which she would wear all year if it didn't get cold in the winter (though she grew up in a climate where it really didn’t). She would never go out in public in sweatpants or t-shirts, and never leaves the house without make-up on either. Tess is a pretty girl, yet despite her outgoing personality she's insecure about this. Despite all the guys she'd dated or hooked up with, few of them have ever told her she's beautiful.

Tess was born to a pair of young up-and-coming lawyers who fell in love, married young, and promptly grew apart after their daughter was born. They both became so involved with their jobs that they no longer had time for each other... or for their daughter. Young Tess got everything she could ever want, anything her parents' money could buy, except for their affection. They stayed together until Tess was six, but they hadn't been happy for many years. Her mother eventually left, sticking her with her father. Her mother tried to keep a relationship with Tess, but around ten Tess started asking why she couldn't come home to them. Eventually Tess got frustrated with her mother's answers and stopped talking to her.

Her father got remarried soon after the divorce, and once Tess was old enough to understand it she started to suspect they had been together before the marriage officially split up. Nine months later Tess had a younger half-siblings. At first she was bitter, but her father never stopped treating her like his darling little girl.

In high school Tess had everything a teenage girl could dream of: popularity, the coolest friends, the hottest boyfriend. She got invited to the best parties, but more often than not she was the one throwing the best parties. Having a big house and father who is usually gone made it easy. She even got good grades, mostly because her father would cut off her allowance if she got so much as a B-. Turns out the threat of losing his money, and therefore her ability to shop, works pretty well.

After high school she attended college to get a degree in journalism, which she spent a lot of time doing absolute nothing with. She lived off her father's money, writing her blog and doing whatever strikes her fancy. She’s currently living in London and finally got a job writing for a magazine.

Crystal, 22, Mountain, Discord

The Clave
 Posted: May 16 2018, 02:39 PM

Age // 27

Posts // 38


Location // Wirral

Sexuality // Heterosexual

Status // Single +


City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, City of Heavenly Fire, Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess


Louise + GMT-0

Accepted! ,
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From, The Clave
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