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The Shadow World is full of whispers and rumours that Valentine Morgenstern, renegade Shadowhunter, is alive and well. Not only that but speculation is spreading that the cunning Nephilim is searching for one of the most revered treasures of the Shadowhunter world - the Mortal Cup. With it, he could create an army that would make his former Circle look like a group of missionless fanatics.

But the Clave are prepared. For years they have been summoning the second born of Shadowhunter families and training them especially as part of an Anti-Circle organization. If Valentine tries to recruit his old followers again, the Clave will be ready, and this time the Circle would be fighting against their own children....

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 The Rules
The Clave
 Posted: Jan 19 2016, 05:35 AM

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City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, City of Heavenly Fire, Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess


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The Forum Rules.




Cbox. Due to unwanted spam from bots in the cbox we've had to disable guest posting. However we still want to talk to you genuine guests out there so we have a guest account set up for you to use. The username is Guest and the password is welcome. Apologies for the inconvenience but we have been dealing with these ridiculous bots for too long.

Courtesy. The most important rule we live by here is respect. Our policy is for everyone to treat each other with respect and consideration, regardless of whether we're besties or not. If there's any drama or tension between members then keep it off site or keep it civil in pms. Do not bring it into rp. It's one thing if your characters hate each other anyway but don't suddenly use your character to antagonise your spat further.

Books. To be part of this community, it is no longer necessary to have read the books. I would recommend reading them. But since we're completely AU with only some basis on the first one (and we have plenty of information about the world of it, plus helpful members) it's no longer a requirement.. I can't promise you won't run into spoilers though if you haven't read the books and may want to in the future.. Still regardless of whether you've read them or not, we'd love to have you!

Warnings. Our warning system for problematic behaviour or rule breaking on this site is as follows.

  • Friendly warning
  • Formal warning
  • 7 Day Suspension
  • Permanent Ban

Registration. Please register your characters with proper capitalization. This is First Last. Please don't include middles as this is unnecessary and might compromise the space in the miniprofile. Do not register with any names that include numbers. This looks too much like an IM username.

Plagiarism. Do not plagiarize on this site; whether this be lifting a canon’s history from a wikia, using an OC you filled a request for elsewhere (without changing the requested aspects) without permission, or just plain copying someone else’s character or plot.

OOC accounts. Here on In The Name Of The Clave we require all members to have an Out of Character account. All PMs will be sent to those account instead of every character account. You can use your real name if you want or if you're more comfortable using a nickname etc that's equally fine, it's just so we can identify the members from the characters.

Adding non canon information. We mainly centre on anything that's been established in the books when it comes to races, objects etc. However we are open to suggestions that may work for the site provided they are private messaged to me first so I can review how it would work and its availability etc. Refusal to do this first will be considered modding and if it happens more than twice, our warning system will be enforced.

Spoilers Please do not include spoilers for Lady Midnight, Bane Chronicles or Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy as these are all new-ish side stories and many of our members have not finished them yet.

Sensitive/serious plots If you are going to tell a serious or sensitive plot such as cancer, rape, a gender identity struggle, a sexuality-exploration storyline or anything like that, we do ask that you commit to it fully with very thorough research. Tumblr and any sites with real life stories. There are some useful youtube videos on different matters though obviously you do need to be careful.

Characters and Applications


After putting up an application. Please do NOT post anywhere other than the OOC section while you're waiting for an app to be approved. This includes the shop. Only the OOC section is free for all during the waiting process. This is now an official rule again.

Amount. You may make as many characters as you like as long as you can handle them all and that you use them. If we, the staff, see any not getting used, especially canons then we will address this with you. After each character has been made you need to post at least one topic with them before you can make another character.

Specific Characters. As of now the following characters are subject to a new rule: Jace Wayland, Jonathan Morgenstern and Emma Carstairs. We have had too many people take them up and then become inactive. So if you are interested in these characters, you must prove your activity by taking up another character first. If you are considered active after a month then you are more than welcome to apply for them.

WIP apps We no longer allow WIP apps. If your application is deemed in need of expansion, it will be moved to pending but on no account can a member post their application knowing that it's not finished. That member will have their app pm'd to them the first time and the second occasion will involve the app being deleted and any further occasions will be regarded as rule breaking.

Limitations. If we start getting too many characters of a certain gender or group then we reserve the right to put a ban on that group until things even out.

Age Restrictions. Please note that due to play by age restrictions, we are only including canons with play bys older than 16. Therefore the minimum age for characters will be fourteen. The majority of characters that are made are usually around that age anyway. Important canon characters such as Julian Blackthorn and Emma Carstairs will have their ages bumped up as a result. Younger children will be npcs for that family unless there is room to bump their age for them to be played as a character in their own right in this rp. Character ages will need to be 14+ minimum.

Canons. You may make as many canons as you want but they can’t be closely linked nor should they all be major ones. This is why you must seek approval from the staff to make another canon. If they have very little to do with each other, chances are that your request will be accepted. Canon reservations last three days. If you need an extension, re-reserve on the last day or PM an admin. Also the first three canons will be free but any more canons will cost $200 per character. Staff reserve the right to ask you to hold off on canons if they feel like you have been making too many of them.

Shadowhunter family rings. It has been decided that there will be multiples of Shadowhunter family rings so that all children of families can carry a ring bearing their family emblem. However once the female line marry, they must wear the ring of their new family on their finger but they may wear their birth family ring on a pendant or on another part of their body.

Relations to Canons. Relatives of canons will be allowed but not as a first character because this is going to be a shop item so you will have to earn the points to buy a relative thus also proving your activity. The other conditions will be that you need to get the player approval and admin approval for these, on top of paying the shop price for it.

If you are taking a canon up and they are a canon who we don't know if they have kids or relatives or not, then you will need to get admin approval (because this will be a case by case basis depending on the canon) and pay a set amount for each relative you want to add. They will be added to the canon list and with the purchase you can decide the names and ages if you so choose. You cannot pick play bys simply because it means holding onto pbs that could be gathering dust for a while. But you can specify appearance criteria that the player would have to meet.

Registered accounts. Any accounts that are registered and show no signs of activity or a character in three days will be deleted.

Special characters These are unusual characters that don't follow the trend such as warlocks with an unmarked Shadowhunter parent (who are without a warlock mark and able to have kids), Shadowhunters who've been experimented on with demon or angel blood by Valentine's scientists. Now these will mostly be shop items BUT we allow some freebies in the shop so if they're available you can take one up without needing to earn points for them. But when the freebies are gone, they do become an official shop item so you'll need to earn the points by posting with another character for them. Please note that once you have claimed a freebie for a specific item, you may take no other freebies for that item. One per player.

Requests Here on In The Name Of The Clave, if you fill a request, your app will be judged by an admin on the same competency as a non-requested character. However you will still be required to make any and all changes that the person who requested the character feels may be needed. If you disagree with some of the changes, you can decide that you want to change the character into an OC but you'd probably need to just re-do the app and that would involve re-acceptance, in such an event.

Variety Please aim for some variety among your characters. If you prefer to play warlocks, don't make them all high warlocks. If you like to play Shadowhunters, don't make them all angel blood enhanced. Let's see some species diversity here.



Grammar. Write with good spelling and grammar please. Let us know if English is not your first language just so we’re aware. We’re not expecting immaculate posts but make your writing readable and understandable.

Swearing. Your characters may cuss but please do not overuse it. We do not need a whole paragraph full of colourful language. Don’t take this to extremes or we will put a ban on.

M rating. We are an M rated board and such threads (violence/sex) should be marked with an {M - insert reason here}

Triggers. If that thread also includes a trigger, (abuse/death/cancer) then it should look like this {M - insert reason - tw. type of trigger}

Word count. We do have a word count but only of 200 words because that’s only a couple of small paragraphs. One liners are a no-no. Now we’re not going to penalise you if you have one post out of a hundred that's just under the 200 mark. We all have off days but if we see it happen all the time then we’re gonna call you out on it.



Credit. Graphics wise, please give due credit to anyone who’s made your graphics or, if unknown, acknowledge that someone did. For example, "Credit to whoever made this graphic" etc

Sizes. Signatures should be no more than 500x400 and avatars will be 250x400. Gifs in the miniprofile should be 100x100.

Images. Please do not include any nudity, very scantily dressed people in images or violent images in your graphics or anywhere else especially the cbox. If in doubt, ask me but to be honest anything that displays inappropriate areas whether blatantly or discreetly, or is extremely graphic such as gore, will not be permitted.

Canon List If you've app'd a canon then you'll need to provide a 150x150 picture for the canon list.

Who's Who In the who's who, your graphic size should be 100x100

Rehosting The other important thing to remember about graphics is that it's better to rehost them than not. Some links will work when rehosted but for guaranteed chance of not having the image replaced with a hotlinking notice, please use a site like tinypic etc to rehost your graphic.

Resizing Also our codes in the canon list or the who's who do not automatically resize pictures so please resize them prior to giving them to me. On that note, you can pm them to me, or post if you want but many find it easier to post in the cbox (only when I'm there though otherwise the link will get lost in the sea of chatter).



Posting. We no longer have an official activity rule of two posts a week as real life can seriously get in the way of even that. However please try and post as often as you can. If you don't have people to plot with then you are more than welcome to ask myself. I will always throw a thread at you.

Activity Checks. Anyone who misses an activity check without giving us prior warning will be deleted. Checks will be held once a month. The password is Tiggywrinkle

Contact Us. We don’t want unused accounts cluttering the place so if you’re gonna be away then please let us know.

Activity InspectionIf you haven't been around much and you've signed on to stay with us after an activity check, I will need to see proof of your continued posting and activity. I will message you if you fall into this category. This will now involve a required proof of posts by the end of a specified period. If this is not met then even if you post in the AC afterwards, you will still be deleted as you have not posted.



Posting. Advertising may be done in only one section, the advert section.

Members. We have a member section for any sites you have and any members’ sites have first refusal on being sister sites as long as the aff buttons are exchanged.

Returning the favour. Do not post your site up here if we cannot do the same unless you’re prepared to put our site ad up for us.



So. Have fun!


this template was created by seanbear. of rpg-directory, but the rules weren't written by him because he's lazy.

Credit goes to hqgifhunts for my gifs.
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