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The Shadow World is full of whispers and rumours that Valentine Morgenstern, renegade Shadowhunter, is alive and well. Not only that but speculation is spreading that the cunning Nephilim is searching for one of the most revered treasures of the Shadowhunter world - the Mortal Cup. With it, he could create an army that would make his former Circle look like a group of missionless fanatics.

But the Clave are prepared. For years they have been summoning the second born of Shadowhunter families and training them especially as part of an Anti-Circle organization. If Valentine tries to recruit his old followers again, the Clave will be ready, and this time the Circle would be fighting against their own children....

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 Angel Vale
Angel Vale
 Posted: Feb 5 2017, 08:36 AM

Age // 18

Posts // 55


Location // New York

Sexuality // Heterosexual

Status // Single +


"People come to Nordstrom to dress well not in the dark"


Louise + GMT-0

Angelina Madison Vale
1st June
New York
Retail Assistant
Daisy Ridley
Angel is a pretty creative person which she expresses mainly in her interest in fashion and style. She is pretty talented at sketching down some of her ideas in her pad but most of the time her creativity is expressed practically. Whether it’s dressing up her friends or customers, suggesting attractive displays at work or trying to arrange clothes in the best possible way in both her wardrobe and at work, she is constantly working to create pleasant aesthetics. She is both aware of current fashion trends and in possession of her own sense of style. She’s not a snob about certain trends. In fact she welcomes all looks as long as it looks right for that person. In particular she loves the quirkier styles for the challenges they offer to her.

Her confidence works well with this trait as she’s often speaking to her colleagues at Nordstrom, suggesting great ways to improve the layout of the clothes and what the mannequins should be wearing. Some of her ideas are now taken on board since she’s been there for a few years now after working part time during school. She’s unafraid of presenting her thoughts to the world even if people might not necessarily want to hear them. She’s so self-assured in this sense and comfortable with starting conversations with people she doesn’t know. It’s part of what makes her a good customer service worker. She knows what she’s doing and more importantly, she knows that she does.

It takes a great deal of stress among other things to knock her confidence. But when it is knocked, Angel goes from one extreme to the other; she becomes incredibly self-conscious and questions her own thoughts and decision making. This causes severe problems as she really has trouble bouncing back from such knockbacks. She struggles to function normally in the sense of her work and life goals and often has to fake her confidence but even then, it’s difficult for her to reflect her passion and opinions without this confidence. So it’s just as well that her confidence isn’t knocked often because it really shakes her up and throws her off track for a while.

She’s quite ambitious in that she’s pursuing a fashion course at college on top of her career in Nordstrom and she’s already envisioning herself as a potential designer one day. She has the talent and she has the goals. It also helps that she’s very organized and has straight forward ideas of where she wants to be in five years, in ten years etc. She also treats her home space as an office so she can keep everything prepared for her college life and her future as a fashion designer.

Another thing that makes her a great customer service worker is the charm she has with customers and just people in general. She finds it very easy to get talking to people and express her feelings and opinions. She has a way about her that makes it easier for people to listen to her because when she isn’t trying to suggest or push a particular style on someone, she becomes very genuine and honest with her views. She will give people the full story rather than just the attractive side of it. Many people find that refreshing and it’s one of the things her employers like most about her because customers appreciate her honesty.

However there are times when she can be very pushy especially when people aren’t sure of what style they want. She tends to get over-zealous about suggesting styles and colours. Of course, she will back off if they do decide what they want and it contradicts with her suggestion but until they have that mind set, she does kind of use her own judgement and opinions to give them a push. Not all customers like her doing that and she has been accused of trying to steam roll people into certain styles. But Angel isn’t a particularly patient person and reasons that at least pushing people into a style they don’t want, gives them a better idea of what they do want.

Angel is something of a workaholic. She just gets so consumed by her own ambition and her vision for what she wants for the future. This can impact her home life when she gets caught up with design ideas or working out more ideas and suggestions for the shop and things that she can express when she goes to college. Sometimes she is so caught up between work and her plans that her personal life can be very affected. This usually results in her missing meet ups on occasion, forgetting about a favour that she’s owed a friend and not always being there for others as much as she should be. On top of that, it sometimes impacts her own daily routine. As in, she eats and sleeps less which causes some problems.

To give her some credit, Angel is pretty good about sorting her problems out. She always has a point where she realises that her work-life balance is not working for her. However, that being said, sometimes that line fades and blurs and sometimes she does push herself too far. When it comes to remedying problems she’s made in her relationships with others, Angel is pretty hard on herself when it comes to apologising and trying to make things right. She will try and make it up to the person by replicating what the person needs but if need be, she’s also not afraid to make a big or personal gesture to reassure that person that they are very important to her.

On top of getting on well with people, Angel is very loyal and friendly. Once you have her on your side, she will stand by you to the end. Unless you break her trust of course. But she doesn’t enjoy holding grudges and eventually she does forgive people for their mistakes. She won’t drag it out too long for the sake of being stubborn. She sees time as a very valuable thing so she doesn’t see the point in wasting it being angry. She’s quite an affectionate girl and enjoys giving hugs and kisses on the cheek - unless the person’s not comfortable with that.

Angelina Madison Vale was born on the 1st June at exactly midnight. It’s an interesting quirk from her birth that she likes to tell, largely when she’s making jokes about her own punctuality. She was born as the middle child of three. Her older sister, Valerie was three when she was born and her younger sister Riley was born two years after her. Angelina wasn’t one of those children who demanded a lot of attention from her parents though they did distribute their attention and love pretty equally between all of their kids. As soon as she was old enough to draw, she would contentedly wile away happy hours scribbling and colouring away.

When she was about six years old, she decided that her new favourite thing to do was designing pretty clothes. At the same time, she also told her parents that she hated being called Angelina. Her parents occasionally abbreviated the name to Angel and so she decided she just wanted to be Angel all the time. They were amused and agreed, thinking that it was a phase. But over time it just became the name that she was known by. Angelina became something that was used when she was in trouble. And so Angel began to associate that name more negatively as she grew up. From an early age, Amelia believed in the supernatural. It was something she’d always carried over from childhood, like a belief that was too second nature to be released by adulthood. But she didn’t just believe in witches, vampires, faeries and ghosts. Sometimes she saw strange little creatures in the bushes of her garden. Sometimes a too pale, beautiful young man walking through the streets at night would catch her eye. Sometimes she would see groups of people with similar tattoos and weapons, marching off into the evening, like heroes going to battle. She never spoke about these things after the first few times she mentioned it and it was put down to her imagination. So she assumed that she just had a special kind of imagination. Maybe that was what made her mind so suited to being a designer.

Her passion for drawing and colouring clothes only developed though. As soon as her teachers started asking questions about what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was always the same. “Fashion designer.” At first it was the sort of answer that her teachers would smile at, tell her that it was something she could be, but not really take it too seriously. But from the age of seven, whenever she was asked that, she always gave the same answer. On days when they were allowed to bring in toys to school, Angel would bring in a fashion magazine, some pencils and paper. She would scribble down ideas for dresses with different styles. Around this time her teachers noticed how good she was at art.

She had just entered middle school when her teachers recommended her to a summer camp for arts and crafts. They thought that it would bring out more styles of art in her. Admittedly Angel did enjoy the three weeks she spent there and she did pick up a couple of skills in collages and craft. But her preference remained for sketching and colouring. Her ambitions had only deepened and she was becoming more aware of what skills would be more necessary for her and what wouldn’t work for the goals she had in mind.

Around this time she began to struggle with some confusion over why she was still seeing the strange beings around the city. At one point she could have sworn she’d seen a dark haired man walking about with horns and actual green skin. At another point she thought she saw a pink dressed Japanese girl walking about with antlers on her head. But by this point in her life, Angel had enough sense not to say anything. She didn’t want to go down that path and risk aspersions on her career. The strange sights weren’t impacting her life in other ways so she kept quiet.

Over a year after starting high school, Angel started working part time at Nordstrom. She enjoyed it and she quickly made friends there. The manager thought she had a lot of promise especially after learning her own ambitions. She recommended staying on part time after college though this offer wasn’t made until over a year later after Angel had made more of an impression on the place. In the meantime she kept her grades reasonably high during school. The last couple of years of high school slipped away in the business of her academic and working life.

A few months ago, Angel received conditional acceptance into both NYU and Columbia University. Columbia was her first choice though and she dearly hoped that she would achieve the right grades to pass. As of now she has just graduated and received a response from Columbia confirming her place at the college. She has arranged to switch her working days to the weekends and a couple of afternoons where possible once she starts. For the moment she is able to be full time at Nordstrom and enjoy a summer off.

Louise, 28, GMT-0 - England, pm

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The Clave
 Posted: Feb 5 2017, 08:42 AM

Age // 27

Posts // 38


Location // Wirral

Sexuality // Heterosexual

Status // Single +


City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, City of Heavenly Fire, Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess


Louise + GMT-0

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